Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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WARNING : Some private companies claims that their software able to filter your database INSTANTLY, be careful, end up you might be fined $10,000 to $1 Million. Also, how to identify fake checking with PDPC and the Real One... read more here. 

With the new ruling coming soon on 1 January 2014, every entity need to check their database with “IDA/PDPC National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry” before you can Call / Fax / SMS.

One main concern with everybody is the COST.

As per now, the cost to check 1 number with IDA/PDPC directly start from 2.3 Cents, depends on your quantity.

However, check with us is just $1.2 cents flat per number, that’s 65% cheaper !!!

(Why we are cheaper? Because we check with IDA/PDPC millions of numbers, so we get better rates !!!!)


Fort Digital is 100% Fully DigiCert EV SSL Certified 

Data submitted via this website is 100% Ecnrypted up to 256 bits. Our certificates also use the most secure encryption available and support both SHA-1 and SHA-2 algorithms. 

Just for information, DigiCert is the SSL Certification Entity for Big Names like: Facebook, IBM, Yahoo, Wikipedia, HP, NASA, Nintendo, PayPal, and many more https://www.digicert.com/welcome/who-uses-digicert.htm 

WITH EV SSL, when you execute the API in your browser, you will see the GREEN BAR with PADLOCK, that’s Secure Connection, ENCRYPTED. 

Note that link must be HTTPS not HTTP !

As easy as 1-2-3

1. Prepare your database in CSV/Txt Format, example here.

2. Upload to this website

3. The website will return you both CLEAN UP and DO NOT CALL list.

For those using Fort Digital's SMS SYSTEM, this website save you tons of COST and TIME, because you can just simply COPY and PASTE to send SMS after clean up your database here.

Promo : Sign Up and get Free 500 Credits ! 

Try the system using Test Account, LOGIN HERE

and login using userid : test123abc and password: test123abc


How It Works

We make it as easy for you to clean up your data. Sign up, then Login, you will see this simple menu :

PDPC DNC_Do_Not_Call_Singapore3

Yes, just upload your file that contain all your numbers.

First, system will check for VALID and INVALID numbers. The system will clean up your contacts, and it will only takes numbers that are 8 digit numeric long and start with 3, 6, 8, and 9. If the number does not qualify, it will considered as invalid numbers. Example you upload 1000 numbers, and 900 are Valid and 100 are Invalid. And the system will push this 900 contacts to PDPC's website to be scrub.

Second, after IDA/PDPC done clean up your data these 900 numbers, it will push back to this website and you will able to download the clean up data in CSV....That's it, that's simple. And if you using Fort Digital's SMS System, you can easily COPY and PASTE and start your compaign. However, take note of the EXPIRY DATE of this batch you just check, make sure you do not use this database after the expiry date, and you have to re-check again.

All your upload will always available for you to download. These are the sample table you will see later when you login to your account :

PDPC DNC_Do_Not_Call_Singapore11.jpg


And this is the sample file of the RESULTS after clean up in CSV format :

PDPC DNC_Do_Not_Call_Singapore12

Try the system using Test Account, LOGIN HERE

and login using userid : test123abc and password: test123abc

Read "Frequently Asked Questions", we got most asked questions answered here !!!!!


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