Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Beware of Instant DNC Checking

Beware of Instant DNC Checking

There are some private companies offering software or system that able to check your database Instantly before you call/sms/fax, be careful, it might not be as good as it looks. The risk is not them, but YOU !!!! You might want to save couple of cents, but end up fined $10,000 to $1 Million !!

If you hear any company that told you there is "Automation" to check DNC, means they are not being honest with you.

Currently to check the DNC, the only way is to upload the list of numbers to PDPC website MANUALLY, and the clean up results will be available for download, also manual from PDPC website.

So, if there is a third party company outside PDPC that claim their software able to check directly from their software to PDPC, it's a big lie.

Because there is NO API integration so far with PDPC's server. All done manually still.

So, some companies breaking the law just to sell their business.

What they do is they keep the DNC (Do Not Call) database that they have in their local server and they "share" or reuse the database for the next customers they have.

In other words, they re-use the previously checked database from PDPC for the new customers.

Means they might not refresh their database often, or might be never at all.

We are very conservatives company. We DO NOT take the risk.

Every batch of database you upload to this website, will be push to PDPC’s server 100% as well.

And when PDPC return back the clean up file, we also give back to you 100%.

We never open, edit, modify Your Content or PDPC content.

Therefore, there is 100% NO MISTAKE.

Unlike some other companies, that take risk in order to earn from this PDPC scheme, where they keep all checked databases that filtered before in their own server.

Then, the next new job, they checked against their own local database first, before check with PDPC.

Such way will save them cost, because they do not have to check 100% of the list, maybe just 70% or less because some numbers checked before by other users.

Such method is risky, because if the company miss just 1 single number, or miss the expiry date, you as the sender/caller will be in trouble, and the fines is $10,000 up to 1 million.

So we insist of NO LOCAL DATABASE. We don’t care if the new number submitted to us checked before by other users previously, we do not want to take risk just to save a few cents, end up we slip some numbers.


How To Identify If Someone/Entity Gave You Original/Fake Files from PDPC


For those companies that promise you to clean/scrub your database with PDPC, it’s very easy to check if they checked  with PDPC directly or they checked against their own offline databases (reuse  the previous results for next customer). Here’s how to spot……


The ORIGINAL PDPC results MUST have these items in the results :

Screen Shot 03-12-14 at 04.37 PM 003


1.The file name must in in CSV format. If you get other than this format, means it’s been tampered/edited/modified.


2.It must have Transaction ID.

This is the PROOF of your checking with PDPC, with this ID, you have the proof that you check with PDPC before. If there is dispute, with this proof, you are in the winning side against all complaints.


3.It must have Processed Date.

To prove WHEN you scrub this batch with PDPC.


4.It must have Result Expiry Date.

To tell you when this batch expire and when you need to check again this batch.


5.It must have 3 Items : No Voice Call, No Tetx Message, and No Fax Message.

There is no way it has only 1 results, must always in 3 items.


So, if you received results that not in this format, means it’s NOT ORIGINAL results from PDPC. Means they entity/person that gave you already edited/tampered/modified themselves.